Speakers and listeners often refer to David as a ‘Ted Talk Speaker.’ He captivates his audiences with his storytelling and leaves a powerful impact every time. His beautiful caring heart shines throughas he is changes minds about mental illness one audience at a time.
David Bartley has brought his message to staff, advisory boards, coalitions and the board of supervisors in Placer County. He is an exceptional speaker who is able to share his personal experience so that the listener is both emotionally touched and intellectually challenged. His message always helps to reduce stigma and provide people with the hope of recovery.
— Maureen F. Bauman, LCSW, MPA, Former Director, ASOC, Placer County
By sharing a deeply personal story, David Bartley builds a pathway to dealing with mental health challenges and the threat of suicide. The grace with which he tells his own chilling brush with death connects to any audience. From that David builds a practical set of tools any one of which shines light on hope for a better way. Since listening to him I have practiced his teaching and I’ve seen the positive impact on my high school students. I am grateful for his courage in sharing and teaching.
— Casey Nichols, Teacher, Rocklin High School
I absolutely loved your training. It had to have been one of the best I’ve been to in many years. You are so engaging and have such interesting stories. I can sing your praises all day!”
— Kym Lawrence, Lead Case Manager, The Gathering Inn
Last Sunday we had a guest speaker, David Bartley, who spoke on the topic, ‘A Spiritual Look at Mental Illness’ and from every report I got when I returned to town, he was awesome. David himself deals with depression and stresses the importance of connection and oneness in his healing, and how to interact with someone who is mentally ill.

As I would imagine with many of our congregations, I have a more than a few folks who have diagnosis of depression of varying degrees and so many of them have written to me this week saying they have renewed hope for themselves or family members after hearing David’s story. One of our congregants said it felt like a really good TED talk.
— Rev. Dr. Georgia Prescott, Sr. Minister, Center for Spiritual Awareness


“Thank you again for presenting for us yesterday. You ROCKED the house! We have an evaluation form that we use at the end of each meeting, and all the reviews for your presentation were 5-star. A lot of great, positive, feedback.

The social workers, who are the primary clinicians (outside of nursing) working with our residents with mental illness, and really needed a greater understanding of what folks with these medical conditions are going through, so it was truly great to hear it directly from your perspective---especially the what not and what to say, and your use of animal stories to support your talking points held everyone captive and attentive during the entire presentation.

Thank you so much again. You were a God send!”

Laurie Moulton,
RN, BSN, MSN, C-NE, CHPN, RAC-CT, SWOC QS Nurse Consultant


Your willingness to become transparent so that your story may be used to uplift, encourage and transform others from their own darkness is incredible! Mental illness is so misunderstood, and your courage has placed a face on this important issue that will enable families, friends and others to better support their loved ones and give them hope.
— Dr. Karen McCord, Solano Community College and American River College
David Bartley is a dynamic, passionate public speaker who captivates audiences with his personal story. I have seen him present several times — in person and on video — and have personally witnessed how his rapt listeners are moved and inspired. Down-to-earth, humble, and pragmatic, David can weave personal anecdote into a larger narrative, never losing sight of the overall goal: to educate, to communicate, to motivate.”
— -Anara Guard, Independent Suicide Prevention Adviser
David Bartley is an exceptional speaker who brings his whole heart to each individual in the audience. Regardless if you are in a big setting or in a 1on 1, you will feel a personal connection to David. He makes you feel that special! He brings a message of full transparency…a raw and pained view through the lens of one afflicted with depression…of hitting rock bottom…and then coming to an understanding with one’s self and the world around you. It is a journey that brings us all to a powerful awareness of our human connectivity and our ability to impact others with kindness, the sound of your own name, and acts of genuine gratitude and acknowledgement.

I am richer in spirit and knowledge for having heard David speak at our recent office meeting. Many of us were brought to tears. I am SO grateful to David for bringing his message of love, hope and awareness to our team…it was truly ‘a moment’ all of us present will never forget.
— Denise Konigsfeld, Vice President of Production; VITEK Mortgage
David captivated our team by sharing his experiences of living with mental illness. His magnificent stories had an enormous emotional effect, often making us both laugh and cry. David’s bravery and compassion were so powerful that many of our staff members reported that he was one of the most insightful speakers that they had ever heard. His storytelling truly had a profound impact on each of us.
— Employment Services Team, PRIDE Industries


David 'Woody' Bartley has become a trusted advisor and leader in the development of a mental health ministry at Auburn Pioneer United Methodist Church. He has developed a series of sermons and workshops that break down the walls of fear with a message of hope, treatment and recovery. Woody hits the stigma of mental illness head on with his direct and engaging message.

Woody has a wonderful heart for this ministry that comes through in his sermons and workshops. Having a personal experience with mental illness, he speaks with a passion that captures and motivates his audience. He consistently has a line of people wanting to talk with him after his message.

Woody is an excellent speaker and is in high demand at many churches in our area.  I am proud to call Woody a brother in Christ and a true friend.

-Rev. Gary McAnally
Former Sr. Pastor
Pioneer United Methodist Church


What a great blessing it was to have you preach in our church today. Your message was open, honest, real, and, though a very tough subject, you told it with grace and wisdom, making it engaging so the listener could take it in. I thank God that you are willing to be a barrier breaker for all those who are still hiding behind the shame of mental illness and for their families.

Most of all, your love of people, of life, of community and connection shine through. The workshop was a wonderful cap to a wonderful sermon, and was very engaging and fun, just as you promised. We all learned a little more about people we thought we knew well, and how to really show up for others.
— Rev. Linda Kelly, Sr. Pastor, Newcastle United Methodist Church
I had the pleasure to hear David (Woody) Bartley speak to an audience of about 100 people during a special recognition ceremony. I have worked for Placer County over a quarter of a Century, and have had the pleasure to hear a lot of people speak. Woody however was able to captivate the entire audience in a way I have never seen, including the young children of those receiving recognition.

Woody keeps it real, and motivates his audience with stories from his own experiences, and by sharing his journey to mental wellness. After you hear Woody speak, you get the feeling that things are not easy, but certainly doable.

You can be sure that Woody will have his audience fully engaged within minutes. This take talent and knowhow. Woody possesses both.
— Nidia Russi, Client Service Counsellor, Placer County HHS