Remodeling a life divided into a life united; using Whole Person Care to build and sustain mental health.

The talk highlights the impact of mental illness on the whole of a person, and then outlines a way in which a life can be rebuilt into one that is characterized by and decorated with mental health.

Questions Answered

  1. How much does mental illness impact us?

  2. What can we do to counter the wide ranging negative influence?

  3. Is it possible to experience true mental health?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mental illness impacts our body, our mind and our spirit.

  2. Mental health can only happen if we take care of the same, and only if we make our personal wellness the top priority in our lives.

  3. Mental illness causes great harm to our life, severely impacting our foundation and structure. But, it is possible to remodel our life into one that is characterized by mental health.