Awareness, Education, and Hope

David delivers his message of hope and wellness through keynote and other group presentations, interactive workshops, and engaging training programs and seminars.

The topics of mental illness and mental health can be difficult for many. But, David shares these in a unique way, one that affords people a safe distance from which to approach and consider these important and timely subjects.

Each presentation is grounded in David’s personal experience, and this creates an environment that is ideal for discovery, exploration, and understanding by each participant.

Audiences go on a heartfelt journey filled with laughter and tears as David shares stories of living, learning, and hope.

Attendees leave David’s events more aware, educated, and inspired, and equipped with tools and resources they can use to create life-changing differences for themselves and others.

If you don’t see a presentation that fits your specific needs, David would be delighted to work with you to create a custom presentation.

Set up a discovery call with David to see how he can best serve your organization.